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A buggy for the demanding

  • Compact
  • Lightweight yet quite robust
  • Handbrake
  • Narrow seat
  • Smaller wheels

I wanted a stroller that would be lightweight, compact, had an open basket even in the sleeping position, could be turned to face in the opposite direction, had a canopy with the possibility of extension and a window for watching the child, a handle in front of the child, positioning of the legs. I needed it to be possible to buy a bassinet and adapters for a car seat, or a board for an older child. At the same time I wanted the stroller to be elegant and just look nice. Baby Jogger City Tour Lux fulfils all of this.

After the first few days of use, I got excited about the handbrake, I no longer have to look for something under my feet in public transport. Another thing is stability. With this stroller, I have never had a situation where I would take the baby out and the stroller would tip over under the weight of the bag. The handle is long and there is really a lot of room to walk, no digging into the bag or stroller structure. The wheels are made of a material that doesn't get stones stuck in them, so they still look great after extended use.

However, the downside is the small wheels. It's a price to pay for the weight and stowability. You have to take into account that you may have a problem in the city, where there is, for example, cracked concrete, holes, cobbles. The ride won't be as smooth and sometimes you'll get stuck. Another disadvantage is the width of the seat. The stroller is really narrow. A larger child can probably fit in there, but the question is how comfortable it will be for them.

I would sum it up by saying that it's a bit of a buggy for the demanding. For those who don't want a typical buggy, but something sleek, compact.

  • Compact after folding
  • Able to stand after folded
  • Collapsible gondola
  • Sunshade on 6m+ seat is horrible and will not stay up
  • Handbrake a little stiff

I was very excited to get this stroller as I've heard good things about the brand and the description fit what we were looking for. It maneuvered pretty well although a little too bumpy on uneven ground. Also did not do too well in snowy conditions. However, I was still very happy with it till we switched out the gondola (carrycot) for the seat unit 5 months later.

It is quite an open seat but the worst thing was the sunshade! It would not stay up at all when in recline and kept flopping down. I immediately listed the stroller for sale at a huge discount just to get rid of it and went on to purchase another brand. It was very disappointing because I believe the other strollers by Babyjogger are much better in quality.

Compact and easy to maneuver, but I don't think it's worth the money. There are a few things that are really annoying and inconvenient. It's unwieldy to open, and you definitely can't do it one-handed if holding your baby. The brake is on the handlebar and is really stiff. You sometimes need two hands just to turn the brake off and on. The shade hood doesn't stay in place and constantly flops back. If the baby is lying flat, the shade hood eventually falls completely back unless you constantly yank it back into place (which then wakes the baby). Other than it being compact when folded, I really don't understand why this has such good reviews. Really disappointed.

  • Lays completely flat
  • Easy manipulation
  • Super compact after folding
  • Large hood
  • Large basket
  • Front-wheel suspension
  • Reversible
  • The hood has only two positions - completely extended or completely folded down, nothing in between
  • I miss some kind of a plastic footrest for bigger children

A super compact little stroller. Good to push, good driveability. But I feel like they didn't do anything 100% - I am used to a higher standard with the Baby Jogger brand.

When the child is sitting, and you want it to be completely covered, just open up the sun visor - and there it is, a full-coverage shade. The chassis can be folded down with the seat unit in any direction. Overall, I rate it quite high, since I am using it (for me) unusually long :-)

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