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All user reviews of Baby Jogger City Select

7 parent reviews

An excellent pram for twins


An excellent pram for twins.

A handy sibling stroller

  • variability -> possibility to use both as a single stroller and as a sibling stroller, in different variations, although only one version is practical for the 1x cot + 1x seat stroller version
  • large basket
  • the tub is "made" from the frame of the seat part so it doesn't take up much space when it's done being used
  • possibility to buy a bar or a tray (we had a tray)
  • a large canopy that attaches to the stroller with Velcro, so it can be folded over
  • adjustable handle
  • it is not possible to put the bigger child in the front seat to look at the world when the cot or the seat part is up, reclined
  • weight - it's quite heavy and not always ideally balanced, when there are 2 kids it can be a chore to lift it to the curb
  • missing saprons
  • more difficult to fold
  • the biggest minus for me was the size of the cot, the little one didn't fit anymore as a 4 month old, we had a hard time using it up to his 4.5 months
  • the bucket seat didn't suit the little one at all, he prefers to be on his tummy and you can't do that in a bucket seat. My daughter didn't mind it, she even slept there now and then...

A handy sibling stroller.

High quality, variable and compact

  • Option to reverse the seat
  • Few accessories available, and if there are some, their prices are high

High quality, variable and compact pushchair.

Comfortable maneuvering


Solid, comfortable maneuvering.

The twins loved to ride in it


The best stroller... the twins loved to ride in it :)

A lot of variations

  • Lightweight
  • Nice fold
  • Larger wheels mean a better terrain ride
  • Large basket

Happy with it so far. A lot of variations... now we use it for one child, but after the second is born, we'll use it for both - I hope I will still be as happy.

A great stroller, I bought it already used (second-hand) and still it's great.

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