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Perfect, good to handle

  • Control
  • Lie-flat positioning
  • Shopping basket
  • Hood
  • Positioning handle
  • Lack of leg positioning
  • Bumper bar must be purchased separately
  • Cannot be turned to face the opposite direction

Perfect, good to handle stroller.

Super nimble

  • Load capacity up to 30 kg
  • Easy handling
  • Storage
  • Pushes by itself
  • Easy removal of covers
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Super long canopy
  • Stable
  • The handle cannot be detached from only one side (it is necessary to detach the whole handle and that too in a complicated way)

A super nimble pushchair that is great to handle and control.

  • Can go over literally any terrain without a bother
  • Massive sunshade
  • Really long seat back that fits a tall almost 4 year old
  • Lack of adjustable footrest on this older version
  • Is quite heavy and still big (although quite flat) when folded

Probably the best stroller we have ever owned!

Recommend from my own experience


I recommend this stroller from my own experience.

  • tray for the baby
  • large canopy
  • can go over terrain
  • roomy
  • some could miss the legrest adjustment

I bought the GT based on the good reviews and they didn't lie - it's a really a cool stroller; whether for regular strolling or for nature walks. It has an amazing canopy, a pretty large basket, which I really appreciate, and the option to buy a baby tray. It's spacious, doesn't take up the whole suitcase when folded, and the weight is ok for its size too. I for one would recommend it - if the mom can hold out with one pushchair (not like me), it will easily last the rest of the stroller needing time.

I'm not one for writing reviews but this absolute dream machine needs one.

We bought ours 7 years ago and we've used it daily since then.

It's incredibly practical, easy to manoeuvre, light, you can actually jog with it. It's the fastest pram to take down and put in the boot (good for when kids are screaming). The storage space is good.

We've loved the feature (on buggie mode) that drops the back so that kids can sleep, it's been a lifesaver on long day trips, pub trips, and (obviously you're not 'supposed' to use it like this) for when both our 7 and 2-year-olds are both walked out, they comfortably fit in it, and it's still easy to push, albeit a little heavier! On a couple of occasions, we've had 3 kids in it!

Not many surfaces bother it, we often take it for rainy woodland walks. We don't use the rain cover as the big hood provides enough protection.

We haven't looked after it very well, it's been used and abused and we flippin' love this machine. A big clap for the designer(s).

Basically, if you're outdoorsy, a bit messy but practical people, this is the pram for you, you won't regret it.

I owned quite a few strollers, but this one is the best by far. Folding/unfolding with only one hand, totally easy to drive or use its features, will go over absolutely anything, even really bad roads... I absolutely adore it. This is the only stroller I didn't sell after some time and still keep at home even if I don't plan on having more children 😅

Even without the leg rest adjustment, a 4yo can comfortably nap inside. I mean, the leg rest incline of the second generation is certainly an advantage, but we're not missing it.

  • Spacious
  • Great to push
  • Large canopy
  • Lightweight
  • No real leg rest adjustment

An excellent stroller. Literally, the only downside is the missing leg rest adjustment.

  • Foldability
  • Maneuverability
  • Weight
  • Spaciousness
  • Large canopy - fully covering the child
  • No leg rest adjustment (we had one made, so it fixes it up through the bumper bar)

A perfect stroller that is lightweight, compact, sturdy, and it's good for napping even for a four-year-old. The high-quality wheels go through EVERYTHING - even snow.

If you often go to the mountains or so, I would probably opt for its brother - the City Elite - that is a bit larger after folding. Which was an important factor for us - so we went for the City Mini GT that is super flat when folded, meaning we can put it behind the driver's seat in our car.

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