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Perfect. Superb manipulation, ideal for the terrain as well as the city. Perfect for our broken roads. My little one slept in it as a three year old at lunch and it is not among the tiny children.

  • Large front and rear wheels
  • Large canopy with ventilation
  • Net in the back of the seat
  • Easy folding
  • Positioning handle and footrest
  • Handlebar organiser
  • Front wheel locking (very easy)
  • Basket under the stroller
  • Brake on the handle
  • Unsprung rear wheels
  • For a new stroller you have to buy back and seat plates, a counter or handle for the child
  • The seat has about 5 cm of space on each side from the frame, the whole seat shakes sideways in terrain
  • The materials used - the stroller is not the cheapest, nor the lightest, it feels like quite a clunker to me
  • Folding the seat part up, plus you have to have a completely empty basket, otherwise you can't fold the stroller

The longer I have it, the more bugs it has for me. I was most disappointed with the included accessories vs the price of the stroller.

Goes "by itself"

  • easy to push, even with one hand with a bigger toddler
  • large canopy that shades
  • large sleeping area
  • handles terrain well
  • a little more weight which you feel when you're loading it into the car

Perfect. Large hood, all-terrain, easy to fold, goes "by itself".

  • Large seat space
  • Quality materials
  • Top driving characteristics
  • Pushes "by itself"
  • High quality, maintenance-free wheels
  • Folding method
  • Slightly less accessible basket - but it has almost no negatives, really nothing substantial I could think of

Superb pushchair, also for sports. I'm a bit unimpressed with the design - I don't like BJ strollers in general, they look very sporty for my taste. A matter of taste of course.

But it has superb rideability, like, the best. It goes really well, like by itself. A looot of space, really a lot.

I think it's worth the price. Big, but harder-to-reach basket. Good quality, really smart stroller that's worth it.

Excellent stroller

  • driving characteristics
  • seat depth
  • canopy ventilation
  • large canopy
  • leg positioning
  • adjustable handle and child bar
  • easy to attach wheels
  • design nothing much (a matter of taste)
  • less accessible basket from the front - from the sides it's fine
  • weird sound echoing that plastic over the front wheel, but it's not a squeak or any fault

Excellent stroller and, for me, also an affordable price.

The advantage is that it can hold up to 34kg

  • Big wheels
  • Spacious basket and other storage
  • Giant canopy
  • Sturdy
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Not an upright seat position

I bought it for my sick, poorly walking daughter at the age of 4 years at 17kg... The advantage is that it can hold up to 34kg without me necessarily having to get a special transport wheelchair.

The perfect off-road stroller

  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • Spacious
  • Large hood with windows and ventilation
  • Parent organizer on handle
  • Leg positioning
  • Easy folding
  • It is quite heavy

The perfect off-road stroller, spacious with a large hood. I have nothing to complain about.

I love it


I love it ♥️🥰

  • Long canopy (privacy when sleeping)
  • Ventilation of the canopy and seat
  • Handle is adjustable
  • Stability
  • Easy to handle
  • Large space for baby and sleeping (lasts a long time)
  • Storage box for small items etc.
  • The material fades in the sun (except for the charcoal colour)
  • Wide wheel span (doesn't fit everywhere)

After three kids, the best stroller for me.

  • Folding
  • Positionability
  • Canopy and ventilation
  • Lightweight frame
  • Plenty of storage space (I didn't miss the classic changing bag, which is normally thrown over the sleeve... can't be put on this stroller, but I don't miss it at all)
  • Durability of the covers
  • Large
  • Nothing :)

Fantastic pram. Two of my children grew up in it, and I even drove my dog in it when he couldn't walk on his own anymore.

What's the best about it:
1. Folding - it's so easy and quick. Just beware, we messed one up in the joint part because we folded it even fully loaded (we always had a bunch of stuff down in the net)... so I recommend to take everything out of the net before folding, because a 1000 times it's ok, but then one day it broke and we bought a new one.
2. Positioning - it's great to put the baby to sleep, to put it on the back + what's more, it has a footrest, so you don't need to put anything under its legs externally.
3. The canopy - the kids are super protected from the sun. No need to add any sunshades or anything like that... and the roof can also be uncovered to let the wind blow through, which is great in the hot summer.

But there's a lot of other things I appreciated. It's big - I carried a lot of stuff in it, it was easy to handle. In short, great :)

  • easy to use
  • off-road
  • high load capacity
  • indestructible wheels
  • huge canopy

Absolutely the best. My daughter has been sleeping in it since she was a baby.

The one-handed folding is unbelievable


It's really spacious, cushioned, and the one-handed folding is unbelievable. My husband thought it wouldn't fit in the car when we went on vacation, but after simply removing the wheels, it was very small and very foldable. And one more great thing - and that's the sun canopy. It's very large, so it protects the baby from the sun and the wind. Moreover, all the windows are magnetic, so when you are putting the baby to sleep, you don't disturb the baby by undoing the velcro or the snaps (studs).

I had a tricycle before, but this one is very light and can be carried with one hand.

Ges over any terrain

  • traverses different terrain without problems
  • smooth ride on large wheels
  • easy to operate with one hand
  • is a bit wide, some doors it won't fit in
  • a little higher weight

A superb pram, goes over any terrain.

  • Large off-road wheels
  • Also usable for running/inline
  • Spacious for larger kids
  • High carrying capacity - we often put both our children in it
  • Large hood
  • Also suitable for tall parents
  • Possibility to adjust the legs
  • No reversibility of the seat

Excellent off-road stroller, easy to handle, usable also for sport-loving parents. If it had a reversble sports part, I would give it 10 points :)

  • Stability
  • Handling
  • Well positioned center of gravity
  • Suspension on moderate terrain is sufficient
  • Adjusting handle
  • Positioning to almost full recline
  • Huge canopy
  • Rubber-covered parental handle
  • Fabric fades in the sun
  • Poor access to the basket
  • The base package is completely without accessories
  • Higher price, but it corresponds to the user comfort

We were looking for a stroller for the city, which at the same time can easily cope with a more peaceful terrain (lawn, dirt road, forest). After a very long selection we chose the Elite.

At first I didn't want a three wheeler (before I had only four-wheeled strollers), Elite seemed huge according to the written dimensions and the price was quite high (we were buying for our second child and we don't plan to have another one). Then I found the Elite in a nice condition on a second hand market and the choice was clear. It rides great. It is not at all noticeable that it is almost 12 kg. It has a very well positioned seat, it is stable. In real life it doesn't feel like a huge thing at all, but at the same time it is not a lightweight low-quality Valco Snap. The suspension front wheel and the hanging seat are quite enough for our requirements. But if we lived in a village, I would probably buy the more off-road Summit x3.

It has a huge canopy, it can be positioned to almost full recline, it is easy to fold, it has a pretty large basket. Of course, it has its disadvantages - it's hard for me to get into the basket (you can't really compare it with the Britax B-Motion plus), the fabric does tend to fade in the sun (probably all Elites do, except for the Charcoal colour), the parent handle is rubber, which is very uncomfortable for me, so I have a PU leather cover sewn on it, and the pushchair doesn't have any accessories and you have to buy everything.

We are very satisfied with the selection and I recommend looking in the classifieds. I got it after one child, still 2 months under warranty, with complete accessories for a nice price.

  • Handling
  • Easy folding
  • Spaciousness of the lying area
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Brake on the handle (especially useful if you have sandals)
  • Large canopy with ventilation
  • Poor access to the basket when lying down
  • Accessories must be purchased (no handle in front of the child in the basic set of equipment)
  • Higher price (but balanced by quality)

Stroller suitable for the city and countryside. It is perfectly maneuverable, easy to fold (just pulling the strap) and takes up little space. In case it still wouldn't fit in the boot of a small car, the wheels can be detached with a single click.

The pushchair version has an adjustable leg rest. The bassinet is positioned quite high on it, so there is no need to bend down to the baby. Unfortunately, it is this height of the bassinet that seems to make the stroller not as stable in the field as it is in the sports version. But again, don't imagine tipping the baby out! This is a really slight instability at a high sideways tilt, where other strollers would have a problem. In the pushchair version, the stroller sits on the ground perfectly.

I appreciate the long canopy with ventilation. What bothers me is the poor access to the basket when the pushchair is in the reclined position. The whole stroller is solid, the weight seems maybe high (about 12 kg) on paper, but in real life it is not noticeable at all. The child's lying/sitting area is large, so the child is comfortable there and can fit easily at three years old. I have another, smaller stroller available, but I think the comfort of using this stroller is so high that I wouldn't trade it for another.

The stroller is so versatile - it handles beautifully in the city, and it can go through more difficult terrain (forest paths, dirt roads). However, if your goal is to use the stroller for running, skating, I would choose the Summit model from the same manufacturer - the same if you are going to use the stroller regularly in really challenging terrain.

For me, it's one of the best strollers on the market and you definitely won't make a mistake buying it.

  • Large wheels
  • Spacious
  • Long hood
  • Up to 35 kg
  • Ventilated
  • Nice in design
  • Operable with one hand
  • Traverses any terrain
  • Higher price
  • Heavier to load in the car

I have nothing to complain about this stroller - despite its weight it is easier to handle than any lightweight stroller. It has a long hood with holes, which is great in summer. It fits a 3-year-old big boy, who sleeps comfortably, but it's also a great fit for a 7-month-old baby. For me the best money were invested in this stroller.

After a couple of weeks I replaced it with the Summit X3. The front wheel suspension was completely inadequate for gravel roads with stones. It's fine on gravel-free roads. Experience only with the Deluxe bassinet.

It suited my active mom's needs perfectly. Large canopy, excellent ventilation, it's a three-wheeler, so you need to learn to push it right, of course. The only downside was that a foot cover was missing in the winter, but I solved this with a quality cosytoes I bought separately.

  • Large hood
  • Hand-operate brake
  • Spaciousness
  • Weight capacity
  • Large wheels
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Pocket on the handlebar
  • Peek-a-boo window with a see-through plastic foil
  • Leg rest
  • Lightweight but sturdy chassis
  • Quality materials
  • Functionality
  • A lot of optional accessories available
  • Small shopping basket
  • Price
  • Bumper bar is sold separately

This stroller is perfect for me. It's sturdy, but also very lightweight. The 35kg weight capacity is handy since my daughter is quite big for her age (2yo, 18,5kg), and all the other strollers of this type were too small for her, or with a lower weight capacity.

This stroller is truly spacious - I also love the leg rest, since my DD is also tall. I am also happy with the high-quality materials and the large hood. The full, plastic-covered peek-a-boo window is a plus for me as well because it allows me to have it open even when it's raining (unlike the mesh windows). The magnets holding the window open even when it's windy are an incredible idea too.

The wheels are large. The backrest is easy to recline. I like the handlebar adjustment system very nice too - and that goes for the design of the handle itself as well. A big plus would be the handlebar's pocket, and another for the brake located on the side of the handle, which is so incredibly practical.

The City Elite's price is higher, but it reflects the quality and functional design. I can tell because I went through multiple strollers and prams already. The only downside for me would be the shopping basket, which I find rather small. But it's nothing that would bother me that much. And a slight disadvantage to acknowledge is also the bumper bar that is only optional, meaning you need to pay extra for that. They could have had it included (with the price of the stroller, it seems fair). The bumper bar is adjustable in two height positions.

It's an excellent stroller/jogger for me - to sum it up. I don't think any other model will ever surpass this functionality. 👍

Fantastic, with almost no negatives

  • Spacious
  • High weight capacity - up to 80 pounds (circa 36 kg)
  • Fantastic manipulation
  • Compactness
  • Backrest lays almost completely flat
  • The leg rest part is a bit narrow

A fantastic stroller with almost no negatives.

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