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We couldn’t have chosen better

  • Rubber wheels are silent
  • Suspensions are WoW
  • Very stable
  • When folded, it takes quite a lot of space in the car
  • A bit heavy

We got the M type PRO and we couldn’t have chosen better. It looks stylish, it’s very robust, the wheels and suspensions were the main reason we chose it, because we were always traveling to our parents who lobe on the countryside.

We could easily take walks on pavements, forest trails and other offroads.

  • No puncture wheels
  • Great stability
  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Changing bag
  • Not any yet, we love it 😊

We bought the pram based on my parents seeing it in Spain, and have not been disappointed. A robust pram, great stability for all terrains. Also, love how the backpack can click onto the pram which makes it really handy.

An excellent pram for any terrain


An excellent pram for any terrain... we went through everything 🤣 In harsh conditions, like with larger stones, we had to lock the front wheels - and then it drives smoothly again. Those no maintenance wheels are top of the line! My friend had 6 punctured already on her pram (on the same terrain we were walking :-) We didn't even get a scratch.

We wanted a pram that could go over rougher terrain. This is ideal for us - It is lightweight and equipped with a supersoft suspension system.

  • design - it looks so stylish
  • not suitable for any terrain
  • rattling even on smooth surfaces
  • terrible wheels' quality

A stroller with a beautiful look - I bough it in black&green Discovery Edition... Otherwise, just a rattle that cannot stand any terrain...

porty elegance and lightweight chassis

  • look and materials
  • all-terrain suitability
  • easy foldability
  • I didn't find any

We had in the Rhino colorway; a perfect choice. Sporty elegance and lightweight chassis. 🙂

  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • High-quality finish
  • Easy maintenance
  • Problem-free wheels
  • Easy folding and manipulation overall
  • The backpack could be larger 🤷‍♀️

Absolute satisfaction in every aspect 😊

  • Gel wheels
  • Changing bag - backpack
  • Bottom storage space with a 3kg weight capacity
  • Dual suspension
  • Beautiful colors and quality materials
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight chassis
  • A bit pricy

Beautiful, fantastic - the best travel system my partner and I could find! Those gel wheels don't need maintenance, and they are covered by warranty just like the whole pram is. Our color is lavender field :-)

Great changing bag - backpack form :-) The bottom storage space has a weight capacity of 3 kg. There's a dual suspension system in the rear part of the chassis, and the pram pushes really well. We got the whole 3in1 set, and I am not regretting this choice.

  • Large, gel-filled wheels
  • All-wheel suspension
  • All-terrain
  • Spacious carrycot, as well as seat unit
  • Easy manipulation and folding
  • Small changing bag... I mean backpack

We were searching for the perfect stroller system for a long time... Fortunately, we found one that suits us both :-)

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