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Its lovely to look at

  • Fabrics
  • Looks
  • Canopy
  • Easy fold
  • Stiff suspensions
  • Long after folding
  • Not the cheapest

I use it as a single, and it's lovely to look at. Great looks, fabrics, easy to push. The fold is a bit bulky, however (mainly long), and the ride is not soft in the way that the suspensions are stiff, almost non-existent. That adds to a "rattly" feel of the pram. Other than that, I must say it's a luxury option to have.

It's less expensive than the Vista while offering two full-size seats that can even both be used facing forward as well as backward. I love the design, and the wider leg rests. It maybe has shorter hoods, but they're large enough anyway. Overall, recommending it!

2 parents rated the Agio Z4 already. It's got
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