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It looks small, but it is very spacious

  • There's quite a lot of room in the stroller
  • The stroller can face you and the street
  • The hood can be folded down to the bar - great for winter
  • In summer, the net on the hood can be opened
  • Good folding of the stroller
  • Heavier
  • Large... open as well as folded
  • Small shopping basket

The stroller is big, just right for us. It looks small, but it is very spacious. The seat can also be in for and against the direction of travel, so it's just what we needed. The canopy goes all the way down to the handle, which is great in the winter. Also, the two nets in the hood are great in the summer. They can be zipped up for winter so they are covered, and the little one is nice and warm inside.

The stroller can be folded well, it's just a bit heavier and bigger, so it's good to have a big car... The basket under the stroller is small, maximum one bag gets in, but otherwise it's a great stroller - I wouldn't change it.

  • price
  • it's a tractor, can also handle village fields
  • design
  • rear window and top window
  • beautiful materials
  • fits in the boot of a sedan
  • coffee holder
  • heavier
  • the rain cover is weaker but I bought another in DM Drogerie market (for a pushchair, universal) and it fits

If you're not a very demanding stroller user, the price to performance ratio for this stroller is really 10.

  • Great driveability
  • Reversible seat for both forward and reverse direction
  • Large canopy
  • Handles terrain
  • The rain cover on him is pretty flimsy
  • It's heavier
  • Storage - it's quite bulky, but I don't mind

A superb stroller at a great price. Handles great, handles terrain as well. A reversible seat facing in and against the direction of travel.


  • inflatable wheels
  • the seat can be reversed
  • the rain cover is small
  • harder to fold

A silent pushchair. Reversible seat, inflatable wheels. Minus - a small rain cover - covers rather only the front.

Used to the maximum


For us 100% satisfaction. Good handling, practical, lightweight. Beautifully cushioned. For us, used to the maximum. 😍😍

Recommending it to everyone 👍🏿


An excellent stroller. I am very satisfied and recommending it to everyone 👍🏿

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