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The seat part absolutely did not suit us

  • The weight of the stroller is acceptable
  • Easy to push and handle on the road
  • Swiveling and wheel material
  • Stroller material - handled even light rain without getting wet, easy to clean
  • Storage compartments
  • Additional parts to the stroller - accessories, blanket for each part, mosquito net, warm padding...
  • Aesthetics - the stroller looks very tasteful
  • The eggar seat and the bassinet with nice quality
  • Difficult folding and handling with the baby - the baby had to go out of the stroller every time
  • The adjustable teeth on the seat broke very soon and the sports part was then no longer usable
  • Also, when the little one was already around 10 kilos, the stroller didn't seem to be able to handle the weight and I had the feeling that it had become loose

I really liked the stroller, and for me, it had a lot of advantages. But it is ideal for smaller children and rather perfect in our case as a 2in1 only. The seat part absolutely did not suit us. I would have wished for easier handling, although - in the case of other strollers as well - the handling wasn't that disastrous, but it could have been better.

For me, it was a pain to fold the stroller or handle it with the baby. If I wanted to fold it or straighten the stroller, even the handlebars, I had to keep the little one out of the way, out of the stroller. Because it took two or sometimes three hands to do everything. In some cases, it would be necessary to take the weight off the mother so that I could adjust the stroller with even one hand since mothers often hold the baby with the other.

  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Faces both directions
  • Larger basket
  • Squeaks after some time

The pram is good, but the seat is creaky after a few months.

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