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Great, for me it meets all the parameters.

  • Well cushioned
  • Good quality wheels
  • Thick canopy - and long, doesn't blow it off
  • Long and spacious bassinet
  • Translucent window on the bassinet's apron to see the baby when hidden from bad weather
  • Tall
  • Large storage space
  • Leatherette can be unzipped when it's hot
  • Insect net curtains
  • Very large when folded
  • Seat does not have a straight, upward seat seat
  • Handle is unnecessarily far from the rest of the stroller
  • Poor wheel centre of gravity
  • Sometimes difficult to handle and carry
  • Heavier and taller bassinet that cannot be folded

The stroller is easy to handle and well cushioned. Cobblestoned pavement can be handled quietly and the baby will not wake up. The suspension makes it easy to lift, but the front wheels often get stuck somewhere, don't go where you want them to go (I've had other strollers and only this one had this problem) - so you get stuck somewhere and don't move until the fourth try.

In the winter and when the wind blows it is great, the pushchair part is pretty well-covered too. We could fit our little one in the bassinet with a cosytoes even as an 8 months old. When it's hot again, the leatherettes can be unzipped.

The seat unit is very sturdy and heavy, though, and we use a different pushchair in the end.

  • Chassis is fantastic for both the city and the terrain
  • Small seat unit

Happy, kind of... the carrycot for the baby is great. I also love the chassis and all its aspects. But the seat from the 2in1 set is quite small. My boy didn't fit at the age of 12 months

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