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All user reviews of Adamex Royal

6 parent reviews
  • Spacious
  • Rocks
  • Suitable for the terrain and the city
  • Small seat unit - but this is the case with almost all 3 in 1 sets

Great stroller from birth to about 8 months. The stroller has only been used for 2 months, it is the same size as the bassinet, which is a minus for me. But otherwise satisfaction.

  • Size
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Spacious
  • Rocking the baby 😂
  • Beige colour :)
  • Rust on the wheels :(

Large, spacious and comfortable stroller :)

  • roomy carrycot
  • great steering
  • large wheels
  • quite heavy

Incredibly easy to steer over bumps and holes. Feels lightweight when you're pushing it - but for loading in the car boot, it is actually very heavy. The carrycot is nice and roomy. We're happy with it overall.

  • comfortable pram
  • soft ride
  • seat unit is short and less practical

The pram version is fantastic, I wouldn't change it for anything, it was so comfy. The seat is less fantastic, though, my baby is a tall child and didn't fit inside the pushchair around 18 months already. The surface is short, just around 85 cm.

I would put a 10/10 for the pram, and a 6/10 for the pushchair. 8 it is, then.

The suspension absorbs everything

  • Stable, durable
  • All terrain wheels and suspension
  • Gondola 👍👍👍
  • Heavy, but I don't see it as a negative

We used the gondola (carrycot) - GREAT - as well as the seat - GOOD ENOUGH. I was happy with the hood as well as the maneuvering. Even in the mountains, we could go over anything. The suspension absorbs everything, no shaking your baby like crazy. It is true that it's heavy, but otherwise, it wouldn't be as durable and stable on any terrain, so that I didn't mind. Recommended.

  • Large, spacious carrycot
  • Big air-filled wheels great for all-terrain
  • Nice rocking suspension
  • The light-coloured upholstery gets dirty quite quickly, so you have to clean it more often - but it is not a big disadvantage really :-)

I am very happy with this pram. The only thing I'd change, if I were to buy it again, would be the colourway - I'd pick a darker one since mine is light and every dirty bit is quite visible. Otherwise, space- and manipulation-wise, 100% satisfaction for me.

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