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Sturdy stroller with a large bassinet

  • Comfortable bassinet
  • Suspended inflatable wheels
  • Stroller height suitable for tall people
  • Adjustable parent handle
  • Price
  • No hand brake
  • Bad harness belt design and handling on the seat

Sturdy stroller with a large bassinet. It is tall, which will be appreciated by taller mothers when changing baby. The parental handle is adjustable to several positions. The wheels are sprung, inflatable, suitable for the terrain. The front ones are movable, easy to manoeuvre, but they can also be locked firmly. There is a storage compartment between the wheels, which can be closed with a zipper. The zipped canopy cover, under which there is a net, ensures ventilation on hot summer days. Also unzippable is the canopy extension at the front, which provides more shade inside the stroller.

The mattress of the bassinet is adjustable, the backrest can be raised, although it's probably a little weaker support. The inner padding can be unzipped and washed. The apron attaches to the canopy with snap fasteners on the sides.

The car seat is quite small. The kids outgrew it quickly, especially when the seasons changed and they started using the swaddle. The removable liner does not provide much increase in size. The cover is identical to the stroller material, it is non-absorbent and thick. The seat belt protectors are also made of the same material, which is a bit uncomfortable, especially for babies. However, both the liner and the protectors can be replaced. The car seat has an unzippable canopy and an attachable footrest. Adapters are used to attach the seat to the chassis.
The seat belts are very poorly adjusted on the seat unit. The belt, which is supposed to fix the child between the legs, is attached to the pram somewhere at knee level and the child slides down into a very unhealthy position during the ride. A custom apron is included.

The stroller came with a mosquito net, raincoat and bag. The latter can be clipped to the handle, but the plastic carabiners used for this were hard and a bit hard to work with. We simply replaced them. There was a changing pad with the bag. We didn't get how to attach the mosquito net...


  • the whole pram is perfect
  • none

I had it with my second, bought as new... Perfect.

Probably the best we've had

  • height
  • springs on the wheels
  • closable basket
  • canopy extension
  • large bassinet
  • weight
  • short seat unit - usable till 2 years of the child tops

Probably the best we've had :)

  • Large carrycot
  • Car seat is also alright
  • Badly designed seat unit
  • My DD is sliding all the time in the seat - it is actually ok only from 2 years upwards 😂

The carrycot ticks all the boxes and covers everything one could need. It is not small at all - a larger baby fits in as well.

The wheels are fantastic; all are air-filled.

However, the pram is hard to fold, takes up a lot of space in the car, and it is impossible to fit it in a small car boot. Also, it is heavy 😏

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