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It has a spacious bassinet, it feels light and easy to handle. It has been tested only as a pram (with bassinet), I don't like the seat setup :)

For the price, great


The deep seat is perfect, the sports car is good too. It's just a pity that you can't raise the backrest fully into an upright sitting position, and the look of the seat is not great either. But it serves well. No problems with it. For the price, great.

I dont like the seat unit so much


The carrycot is perfect, and so is the chassis. I don't like the seat unit so much, however. Overall great, though. We all know that a 2in1 set of this type is fine until around 1 year of the kid or so. We are gonna change the stroller soon, and our DD is only 6 months old. She doesn't want to be in a carrycot anymore (even though she would fit there for at least another 3 more months) 🙂

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