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Not suitable for the outdoors

  • robust chassis
  • beautiful look
  • pram's weight - it's quite heavy

Great design. I am satisfied, I would not change it. Maybe for a bigger child it is not spacious enough.

More like a fashion accessory, not very practical. It doesn't rock and there's little room in it. It's more just for transporting the child from place to place around town. Not suitable for the outdoors at all.

I quite missed the fourth wheel

  • Compactness
  • Three wheels

I quite missed the fourth wheel, to be honest. But it is pretty, and not too bulky.

I always wanted a stroller like this

  • It is perfect, and I would not change my decision
  • None

It is perfect. I always wanted a stroller like this. I was extremely pleased with it, and I am already excited to use it with my second baby 🙂

We were satisfied with this model, but it was 8 years ago 😁 However, now, I would not choose it again. It would be very impractical for me - considering the new modern models that are available these days.

  • Handy and compact - fits in the trunk of a small car
  • Extreme satisfaction with the car seat Risus
  • Bucket seat not suitable for us

The bassinet and the car seat are perfect. We did not use the seat unit, though 🙂

4 stars out of 5


I would rate it 4 stars out of 5.

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