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For undemanding parents


For undemanding parents.

Ideal for travelling and getting around town


Light, simple. Ideal for travelling and getting around town.

This is an indestructible tank

  • Operable with one hand
  • Wheels do not get stuck in the tramline
  • Comfortable for the child, he can see beautifully in it because it can be put fully upright into a sitting position. But on longer trips it pushes the seat can be less comfy for the little butt, because it is not fully padded
  • It can carry a lot
  • Comfortably adjustable belts
  • Detachable and washable fabric basket under the stroller
  • Easy to fold, although after a while the safety catch starts to fail and it starts to unfold itself
  • Relatively light and compact
  • The plastic on the canopy cracks after a few months
  • The canopy is not full coverage, the sun shines on the baby quite a bit, so it needs to be solved with a supplementary shade
  • No reflective elements

This is an indestructible tank :-D We bought it for just a few bucks at a second hand market with the idea that when it breaks down, we'll just leave it somewhere near the dumpster. And it, the bastard, is still holding! :-D The price-performance ratio is perfect.

Awful to steer


Awful to steer, very small harness belts.

For occasional use quite sufficient

  • Easy folding
  • Handles well
  • Relatively quiet ride
  • Shorter canopy
  • Poor access to the basket

For occasional use and quick transfers as a second stroller it is quite sufficient.

Unpleasant to push


It's very unpleasant to push, and the harness straps are too short.

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