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Super easy to fold


Super easy to fold. Large and spacious, storage basket is big enough.

Poor quality materials

  • Light
  • Wears down quickly

I don't recommend it. The hood faded after one year. Poor quality materials, my warranty claim was not accepted...

For the money, great

  • The canopy can be opened a lot
  • Lie-flat is almost horizontal
  • Narrow - I can go through any door, fit in the lift...
  • Large basket under the stroller
  • Can be steered with one hand when baby is asleep
  • Over time it started to squeak, lubrication helped, but it is necessary to do regularly
  • The color dried out a lot in the sun (we had it with us in Greece though)
  • Not for off-road

For the money, great... it has done its service.

  • Large hood
  • Wheels
  • Narrow

It was small for us, my son is bigger for his age and he was a bit squeezed in it. The wheels are looking like worn out after the first ride, the advantage is the long hood and large shopping basket. It didn't meet my expectations as much as I liked it - I wouldn't buy a second time. It lasted a month and I have passed it on.

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