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What are the differences between the Easywalker Harvey2 and the Easywalker Harvey3 strollers?

Jun 2021 | Eli writes & you read in 2 min

What is the difference between the Easywalker Harvey2 and the Easywalker Harvey3 strollers?

The new Harvey 3 pram/pushchair from Easywalker was launched a while back (April 2021), and it's - style-wise - quite similar when looking at the Harvey2/Harvey3 pictures.

Yes, one does notice the gorgeous new colorways that the third generation Harvey is available in (Basic line: Sage Green, Forest Green, Steel Blue, Shadow Black, Fossil Grey; Premium line: Emerald Green, Diamond Grey, Jet Black, Sapphire Blue). Apart from that, the differences are not that visible - so what changed on the Harvey3, compared with the Harvey2? The first would surely be that the fabrics used are now fully made from recycled plastics, and, therefore, sustainable.

The carrycot

The first you'ĺl use - and the first you'll notice a change in - is the bassinet part. It got BIGGER inside! Like, really, the carrycot mattress measurement grew from about 75 cm (Harvey2) to 78 cm x 32 cm (Harvey3), meaning it will last liner AND will be comfier even for a larger baby overall. That is not all - there are features added on the Harvey3 carrycot as well. Compared to the rather basic carrycot of the second Harvey, the third Harvey's carrycot has an inclining feature to help reflux babies and a panorama ventilation window in the Harvey3 Premium base - that is, not only a mesh window in the carrycot canopy but also the base side of the carrycot.

The carrycot canopy got enlarged as well - it features a zip-open section on the Harvey3/Harvey3 Premium pram, and the carry handle area is also made cleaner by making the fabric cutoff space smaller. Another small change is the cleaner look of the carrycot apron - it is only secured by the side velcro on the Harvey3, and magnets on the Harvey3 Premium - there's no loop on the higher part anymore.

The frame

There's a change in the wheels of the Harvey3 - they got sleeker - slimmer, equipped with modern white stripe detail (the white stripe is reflective on the Harvey3 Premium), AND - they got slightly larger and equipped with extra durable EVA foam tires. The Harvey3 is no more sold in an edition with all-terrain and normal wheels - only "normal" enlarged wheels are equipped on the frame in the third-gen, but the all-terrain wheels DO fit all models - the Harvey 1, Harvey 2 AND Harvey 3. So the Harvey wheels, overall, stay interchangeable.

The seat unit

The bucket-style seat part got larger on the Harvey3 as well. Not only a higher seat back and overall surface measurement (and an extra rear pocket) but also a longer - and length-adjustable leg rest was added. The padding is now thicker and softer on the H3, meaning the comfort of the baby will also be a bit better than before.

The accessories

The seat's belly bar of the Harvey3 is now equipped with Easywalker's unique accessory system. You can now add a steering wheel or a LED light on the child's bumper bar. Thanks to the integrated point, protected by the removable plastic clasp, it is as easy as a click.

The Harvey3 Premium line

Of course, then there's also the Easywalker Harvey3 Premium edition. That is just a way to say - better (high-end), sustainable, quilted fabrics; premium colorways with a different-colored, nicer-looking leatherette handle and bumper bar cover; and a closable, padded storage basket. With it, extra stuff was introduced - a rear seatback pocket, and a magnetic buckle harness + hip-belt pad.

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