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Will an Inglesina Electa or a Bugaboo Butterfly be comfy for the baby, but also sturdy and compact?

Gülcan • 24 Sep 2023

I think you understand my wishes correctly. We don’t need much terrain capability. I want the stroller to be light and at the same time sturdy. I don't want it to be too big and heavy. One of the important condition for me is that it is small when folded and I don't want baby comfort to decrease too much. Considering all of these, your suggestion for Cybex Mios makes sense to me. But I'm also curious about your opinions about Inglesina Electa and Bugaboo Butterfly.

Eli • 25 Sep 2023

Hey, Gülcan,

In that case, I truly do believe the Cybex Mios could be the best option, especially taking that compactness in mind.

Personally, I would not suggest a Butterfly for a small baby nor for sturdiness - the stroller is meant for occasional / travel use, and is very narrow while doesn't lie flat. That choice I would not go for.

The Electa is a nice stroller, though if you want compact, it does fold alright but not specifically compactly. The bassinet there is great, large and comfy, but the seat is, in my opinion, better on Mios (and the seat you will be using for much longer).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.