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Which travel systems have a carrycot usable for overnight sleeping?

Amira • 05 Apr 2022


Can you help me find some travel systems in which the carrycot is safe for overnight use? I’m having trouble finding a good selection apart from Cosatto. I’d like to see a range of prices too (with most between 300-600) if you can help?

Eli • 05 Apr 2022

Hello, Amira,

300 to 600 is actually only the budget-friendly side of the stroller pricing, while most carrycots suitable for overnight sleeping are in the higher price ranges. Why? They need quality, breathable, safety-tested materials and technologies so that the airflow is 100% there and the baby doesn't suffocate from lack of oxygen or a non-breathable mattress in which it digs its face in. I know it sounds harsh, but it is important to think about – a carrycot is MUCH LESS spacious and MUCH MORE closed up than a cot or a travel cot (which, btw, I strongly recommend using rather than an everyday carrycot overnight), which is potentially dangerous, and which is why many brands don't go for overnight-certified bassinets rather than impose such a risk on babies.

Good to know: European stroller brands cannot state their bassinets as suitable for overnight sleeping as European safety standards (rightly) state to never leave your baby unattended in the stroller.

Moving on from the safety features to the more expensive, quality prams sporting carrycots with an overnight sleeping certificate, the Uppababy Vista and Uppababy Cruz are a definite example of that. The Nuna strollers and carrycots also boast such a feature, and so do the Mountain Buggy, Inglesina, Bugaboo, iCandy and Silver Cross stroller systems as well as Maxi-Cosi and Bébé Confort strollers with the Oria bassinet. Check also the full-size Jané strollers with a Micro carrycot also can be used overnight (e.g., a Jané Muum is a nice mid-price pram to check]]), or the Babystyle Egg2.

Did you notice? All rather better brands with a higher price tags. It makes sense, if you look at quality and its need in such a thing as an overnight-usable carrycot.

I hope I helped, in any case!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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