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Which strollers have the highest seats and which one would you recommend?

Alia • 31 Aug 2023

"Hi Eli!

I would like to know which strollers have the highest seats and which one would you recommend the most?

Thank you!"

Eli • 31 Aug 2023

Hey, Alia,

Well, the recommendation would be strongly influenced by your needs and your child's age. As there is a HUGE difference between a tall REVERSIBLE seat which will, even the largest, always be narrower and more limited, space-wise, compared to a non-reversible seat - also because of the canopy placement which is, with parent-facing seats, right over the seatback, making the whole simply much smaller.

From those reversible seaters, anything from Kinderkraft Everyday to Baby Jogger City Premier or an Emmaljunga NXT90 could work, they do have a tall backrest. I don't know what to suggest more if I, however, don't know your budget, and child's age, and your other needs.

From the non-reversibles, look at three-wheelers and mid-sized lightweight ones if you need a tall backrest and a lot of space. From Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, BOB strollers, Britax B-Motion Plus, to Valco Trend which is truly super roomy, you have actually quite some options, but you need to know what 1-2 priorities you will make the most important.

You know, no stroller won't have everything.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.