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Uppababy Vista vs. Cybex Gazelle S2 - a from-birth system with a bassinet

Peoc • 16 Nov 2023


Very confused between the Uppababy Vista V2 and the Cybex Gazelle S2. Both come out to the same price with the bassinet, which we're eyeing for the first 6 months. I've heard a lot of love for the Vista, but I'm aware of its double configuration quirks. While we're planning for a second kiddo (fingers crossed!), the double setup isn't our top priority right now. We're after something sturdy, durable, with a smooth ride in single mode. We've got a mid-sized dog that we walk thrice daily, and we're keen on including the baby in those outdoor strolls, given the April due date. Our neighborhood has paved sidewalks. I've heard some complaints about the Cybex seat height/depth and canopy.

Eli • 16 Nov 2023

Hey, Peoc,

I think the Vista will work alright for you, it is definitely sturdy enough, and rather roomy. Be aware it is a VERY bulky stroller so nothing for a lot of traveling by (smaller) cars. The Gazelle is not bad but personally I don't see anything it would have over the tried and tested Vista.

Having said that, I personally would suggest looking (also) at other than just single-to-double strollers if that is not the priority. You never know when or if the second will come, and what yourneeds will be then. I would rather swap prams, selling the first one, than to have a ver bulky one unnecessarily for 2-4 years. Again, the Vista is not a bad choice, just not as awesome, suspensions-wise, plus that bulkiness. So I would also think about something like a Bugaboo Fox 3, and Easywalker (ver nice suspension), a Baby Jogger (nice ride and sturdy frames)... Just my input to this.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.