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Recaro Lexa Elite: Recaro Lexa Elite, Ergobaby Metro+, or which lightweight stroller for cobblestoned streets, tall dad, and an 8mo baby?

Mary • 04 Mar 2023


I'm thinking between the Ergobaby Metro+ and the Lexa Elite for my 8m old. My husband is 193 cm tall, so the handle must be high. The Lexa Elite seems to me to meet more criteria than Metro+ (reverse direction, longer and adjustable roof, bigger basket). I am worried about the wheels being the same size of 14-15 cm, how they behave on old stone streets. And is it sturdy and good quality. I am not able to see Lexa live; Metro+ I did. First which one of these 2 you recomend, and second, if you have some other idea?

My son is 8m old. 80 cm and 10kg. Budget has no limit. I would like a lightweight stroller, compact in fold, it doesn't have to be too small (we drive 7 seat car, but have 3 child carseats. The city we live in, doesn't have good sidewalks if any, it's an old stone town so the streets are bumpy. And that I can go to store and put some grocery in or on them and they don't brake or turn over.

Thanks for any advice you have.

Eli • 04 Mar 2023

Hey, Mary,

If you have a larger car and not going traveling with your stroller only, I would, to be honest, look at something a tad larger than these ultra-compacts. They will be incredibly rattly, even more so over time, on cobblestones and bad roads with those wheels. Also, the seats are on the smaller side, even more so with the reversible Lexa Elite. I personally would rather go for the Metro+ if you tried it and didn't hate it - IF you absolutely need such a small stroller, it is a bit sturdier... but I personally would not pick such a small model for the use you describe, especially if you do have some space in the car boot and don't need a cabin-sized fold 100%.

My pick would be something a tad large wheeled - from the Valco Snap Sport with the air-filled wheels through strollers like Oyster Zero (Gravity), Baby Jogger City Mini GT2... something light but more middle-sized.

And something in between to consider - maybe the Cybex Eezy S+2 as a small but a tad larger wheeled stroller. Again, though, you have to count on looser, less sturdy experience with a smaller buggy. Also, I cannot promise a complete comfort for your very tall husband the more the stroller will be smaller - it is just a price to pay for that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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