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Maxi-Cosi Zelia: Recommendations for strollers with a 2in1 convertible bassinet

Jay • 20 Nov 2023

This stroller has horrible reviews but I like the seat that is also convertible to a bassinet. Do you have recommendations for any other strollers (doesn't have to be this brand) with this feature?

Eli • 20 Nov 2023

Hey, Jay,

In general, this type will have a smaller seat, since it is limited by that bassinet size / feature. But there definitely are models that have a larger seat, compared to the Zelia which has it very tiny, which is something people complain about a lot.

I would suggest looking at the Kinderkraft XMoov which is a bit bulkier but also has a much roomier seat, and the overall price-performance ratio is very nice, too. Then there's the Mothercare Journey which is OK but not really outstanding, quality-wise - if you're not too demanding, it could work for you though. The Valco Ultra Trend is also convertible, even if perhaps a little differently - the seat, with the included bootinet, will serve you as a kind of bassinet setup as well.

The older Inglesina Magnum had a similarly convertible bassinet, however the system was a little different - maybe worth looking in classifieds. And I personally have experience with the GB Hardy, again an older model that is probably only available second-hand at this moment, which had a very nice seat space and overall worked rather well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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