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Maxi-Cosi Dana vs. Hacuk Sunny, which is more durable?

Milo • 17 Nov 2022


I am thinking of buying either "Maxi-Cosi Dana" or the Hauck Sunny. What's your recommendation? Which is more durable? My priority is that it can be paired with car seat and to be compact.

Thank you

Eli • 17 Nov 2022

Hi, Milo,

I would definitely go for Maxi-Cosi Dana in this case, at least if you only consider these two. Hauck strollers don't feel very durable, and the less so, the smaller they are.

I personally would however, rather go with a Ergobaby Metro+ as that one will last you longer, seat space- as well as durability-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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