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Mamas&Papas Strada: A lightweight, compact pram for everyday walks - M&P Strada, Silver Cross Dune or Bugaboo Bee?

Jas • 21 May 2023

In your opinion if you needed a lightweight, compact pram for everyday walks on sidewalk only would you choose the Silver Cross Dune, Bugaboo Bee or the M&P Strada?

Thank you

Eli • 21 May 2023

Hey, Jas,

I would actually choose the Cybex Mios. The smallest of these, but also the sturdiest, super well made. I was truly happy with that as an everyday compact reversible.

From your choices, I would not go for the SIlver Cross as it is hard and rattles. Personally I find the Strada more comfortable for the baby - having a leg rest, and also it is the more compact, compared to the Bee, so I may be on the Strada's side. Some moms found it not completely stable though, so you might want to try it out first. The Bee, in my opinion, is a bit uncomfortable design for some, especially in the parent-facing position, which is why I don't like it that much (as well as for it's getting stuck on cobblestones a lot and a large-ish fold for th type) - but it is a good-looking stroller with a nice material quality so it would also be an ok choice I'd say (out of the two).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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