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Koelstra Simba Twin T4: Is is really suitable for a newborn?

CC • 18 Jan 2023


I'd like to know if this is really suitable for a newborn. With baby no2 about to arrive any day, I'm a bit nervous about not using a bassinet, but double strollers with bassinets are twice the price. Although it says it fully reclines, would you recommend this?

Eli • 18 Jan 2023

Hello, CC,

Actually, for a full-featured use with a newborn, I would probably not recommend this one. It is on the simple side, quite basic, and not so sturdy, not with much suspension nor padding. For occasional use with a baby, ideally with a cocoon insert of a soft cot, it could work, but I personally would start using this fully from at least 6 months of age.

Check the Valco Snap Duo for a simpler, lighter model that could work OK with a newborn (you can get a universal or Valco Baby soft cot and insert into the reclined seat).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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