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Kinderkraft Vesto: Does it come with footmuff? And are the straps adjustable for thick clothes?

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eli & vii
Sissi R • 26 Dec 2022

Does it come with footmuff? Are the straps adjustable and comfortable when baby is wearing a thick coat?
Thank you

Eli • 27 Dec 2022

Hiya, Sissi,

The Vesto comes only with an apron - a leg cover, bit not a full footmuff included, you will have to get that on your own, a universal one of a better brand would anyhow be a better choice.

About the harness straps, they are adjustable, however never expect crazy long belts on a reversible stroller. If your child is small, it will be ok in winter "gear", however for a large toddler in think clothing it might be a tight fit. Since I don't know your child age, weight and size, it is hard to tell and it is best to try the pushchair out live if possible, of course.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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