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Kinderkraft Prime: What are the the seat measurements, and is it the same seat on all 3 Prime models?

Nora • 24 Jan 2024


Do you know the seat dimensions for this please? Also is it the same seat on all 3 prime models?

Ideally looking for a lie-flat pushchair with a pivoting handlebar, ok suspension (mainly urban use, occasional woodland walks, so it doesn't need to be completely all terrain), and a good seat size and basket. I've looked at the ABC Design Salsa 4, but the telescopic handle is just a little too high on the lowest setting (100cm).

From what I have found so far none of my local pram/baby shops have the kinderkraft models for me to view.

Many thanks


Eli • 24 Jan 2024

Hey, Nora,

The seating (where the baby has its bum) would be about 34x21,5, and the backrest is about 45 cm. Tjose are the dimensions I have - and the seat is, roughly, the same on all models, yes.

Honestly, though, the quality is very basic, and compared to the Salsa, I think this is the inferior model. I personally would definitely go for the Salsa between the two, so sorry for my honestly - but it is roomier (seat and carrycot-wise), sturdier, and with better wheels in my opinion. 100cm of handle height is, normally, rather ok for 155-165cm tall parents (from my experience) - not sure how tall you are.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.