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Kinderkraft Prime Lite vs. Bugaboo Cameleon 3+, which is less bulky and will last better?

Vik • 29 Jun 2023

I am considering buying between Kinderkraft Prime Lite 3in1 (€300) or the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus (€500). I can afford both though but I need something that is practicable, quality and last enough to raise 2-3 children.

I live in Berlin, so the terrain is relatively smooth. I will hardly use it in a rough terrain.

Our baby will be medium-sized, say from 3kg. Since we are a first-time young couple, we need something nice, premium, classy, not bulky.

Feel free to suggest another if the two mentioned above is doesn't fit.

Thanks for your help!

Eli • 30 Jun 2023

Hi, Vik,

Well, none of these are crazy compact, but the much cheaper Kinderkraft is, unfortunately, on the cheaper side, also materials-wise, and is also rather bulky. I personally would not expect such a budget stroller to last for 2-3 kids, it probably won't.

A Bugaboo will last you much better, however, personally I would recommend the Fox rather than Cam with those tiny wheels. A Fox is much better to push and overall a bit more practical. It will be comfier and will last you quite well. The Cam, is you're ok with the maneuverability and those wheels, is ok of course, just not as good as (even a pre-owned) Fox.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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