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Joie or Chicco, which stroller brand is better?

Anisha • 31 Dec 2023

Joie or Chicco? Which is better for a stroller? I'm considering one among the Joie Muze lx, Joie Tourist, Chicco Cortina cx or Chicco Bravo. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Eli • 31 Dec 2023

Hey, Anisha,

I personally find the Joie brand better, compared to Chicco. It feels a bit more modern and practical, and a bit less rattly. It of course also depends on your needs, and it can be a Chicco stroller can fit you more.

You mentioned multiple very different models - some travel - occasional use only, some mid-size, thus larger, so I am not sure what your use case is, and what child size and lifestyle you need a stroler for. Personally, I will actually suggest a Joie Litetrax based on the different models you mentioned, it is light enough bit roomy enough, and practical and sturdier than most of your options.

Try thinking a bit mor about what you need the stroller for, which terrain, how large a child, and if the Litetrax is not suitable for you, let me know why and let me know your needs, and I will answer more in depth based on that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.