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Joie Mytrax vs. Cybex Eezy S, which to choose for the city, long walks, and an 11mo?

Orsi • 13 Apr 2024

Hello dear,

I would ask your opinion about which stroller to choose from Joie Mytrax and Cybex Eezy S?

My daughter is 11 months old, we have a 3-in-1 Adbor stroller, and she doesn’t like the seat part. I would use the new stroller mainly in city. I am looking for a durable, comfortable one to choose, we walk 8-10 kilometers daily. I want to fold one-hand, and would like my daughter to sleep in it.

Which one would you choose?

Thanks, Orsi

Eli • 14 Apr 2024

Hey, Orsi,

If you need durability, you should definitely go for the Mytrax. The Eezy line is made for the most compact fold meaning mostly for traveling and secondary use. For everyday use of many kilometers, you need a tad larger and sturdier stroller, so the Mytrax or the lighter Litetrax Air would be the better choice

Your -very berry- Eli.

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