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Adbor strollers

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The polish brand Adbor offers a wide assortment of children products ranging from strollers, doll prams, car seats, sleds, swings, bikes to changing tables and other accessories. The company is active in the Polish market since 1981. Nowadays, the Adbor is present in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, and Czech Republic.

Adbor strollers are manufactured in Poland in accordance with European standards. The majority of the Adbor parts are produced in their own factory. Adbor strives for a contemporary design, a wide range of modern colors, suitability for various terrain as well as affordable prices. Adbor stroller systems are predominantly robust like, for example, the popular Marsel. They also offer simpler strollers, double strollers for twins or siblings as well as traditional stroller systems with retro-style chassis.