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Joie Muze vs. Joie Litetrax - which is better?

Salmi • 18 Mar 2023

Which is better between the Joie Muze LX or the Joie Litetrax 3 - Litetrax 4?

Eli • 19 Mar 2023

Hey, Salmi,

There is never one objectively better stroller, as the this depends on what you need and what your lifestyle is. The Muze is smaller, seat-wise, and very handy for car trunk and shops - good for smaller babies and occasional use. It is, however, not so great for more terrain use or larger toddlers. For a more versatile use, the Joie Litetrax line is better, and I personally like the Litetrax 4 better as it is more stable on uneven surfaces. The three-wheeler, on the other hand, is nimbler on smoother surfaces - easier to steer and turn.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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