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Joie Litetrax 4: The cup holder doesn't click into place, is it faulty?

Julie • 25 Jan 2023

Hello, I've just bought the Litetrax 4 and I am unable to click the cup holder into place. This makes it extremely unsafe as I don't want to spill hot coffee all over my toddler. Is this a fault with the particular one I've bought or do none of them actually click into place?

Eli • 25 Jan 2023

Heya, Julie,

I am not sure which cup holder you mean. I know there is a Mytrax / Verstarax cup Holder, and that would not fit well on the Litetrax. Though if you mean the cup holder on the handle = the tray, that should click on the handle well and should not be loose. If it is, it is probably either faulty, or not well mounted.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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