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Joie Evalite Duo: How to put the fabrics back on?

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eli & vii
Donya • 10 Nov 2023

Ho I've recently got a Joie Evalite Duo second hand. I've brought it home to wash the seats however i can't remember how I disassembled the fabric from the back seat and now it won't stay sitting up it only lays flat. I was hoping to find a more instructive manual that might show me how to do this. If u have any suggestions or knowledge of how I can do this I would be most grateful. Many thanks.

Eli • 11 Nov 2023

Hey, Donya,

Unfortunately, I don't. I often suggest people to take pictures or better yet, make a footage of what they did as this problems occurs very often, not knowing how to put it back, I am sorry. Try, perhaps, the Joie customer service, perhaps they have something internal.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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