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Is a Bugaboo worth it with a 4mo with reflux and for a taller parent?

Emer • 12 Sep 2023


Just to follow up on my previous question what would be the best stollers for babies with reflux? Is it worth investing in a Bugaboo-type one with a bucket seat? Baby is almost 4 months so don't want a carrycot, looking for a stroller where the baby can face me and which isn't too low down (I am tall). Thanks,


Eli • 12 Sep 2023

Hey, Emer,

Well, Bugaboos are, generally, lower down. The only ones a little higher up (still lower than the taller strollers) are the Buffalo and the Fox line, which, yes, are worth investing in if you need something light but also sturdy enough. With a reflux, that bucket-style seat can truly help, but even so, your baby, until it sits up by itself, without any help, should be in the lowest possible bucket-seat recline still.

It of course depends on your budget, but if you do have that opportunity and don't need a tiny fold, a Bugaboo is a very nice option and a good investment as you will sell it quick when you'll need to (when you're on with the stroller).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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