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Inglesina Electa: Will the frame be too low for tall parents?

Caoimhe • 21 Nov 2022

I’m 5ft 7in and my husband is 6ft 3in. We love the Inglesina Electa from all of the comparisons we’ve done online for it’s quality, compact and easy fold, and the extra features with the bassinet; and add ons such as the auto kit. Reading reviews, the only thing holding us back from purchasing is the height - we can’t test in-person as there are no stockists where we live. Will the frame be too low for us? What are similarly sized prams on the market we can test for height comparisons to the Electa?

The other stroller we’re considering is the Cybex Gazelle S - it’s height is perfect and have tested in-person but it’s a completely different configuration (option to convert to a double) to the Electa and would be quite a bit bulkier with a difficult fold which is putting us off.

Eli • 21 Nov 2022

Hiya, Caoimhe,

Well, it is true the stroller is on the lower side. If you imagine a stroller you don't have to bend much to put your baby in and out, this is not it. The handle is adjustable, though not telescoping, so you might need to adjust the step slightly - shorten it to walk comfortably when pushing. However, that can be lived with, and if the pram is what you need, then go for it. To be honest, I don't feel the Electa is particularly compact, however it is not huge, so it will be ok.

If you'd search for something kind of on the same page, compactness, weight, features wise (perhaps except the carrycot, which is particularly good with the Electa, however the seat is not as great as the cot), definitely also check the Baby Jogger City Sights which I find an even more practical option (and a higher one).

Still, if you feel this is what you need, and you do focus on the bassinet, I think it should work ok for you. I would probably not go for the Gazelle S because of the size - only in case you'd really need the convertibility to the double. The pram itself is not that standing out to be worth that, otherwise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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