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Inglesina Electa or Cybex Mios 3, whih is better for public transport and small elevators?

Natalieandibo • 08 Dec 2023


I'm trying to decide between the Inglesina Electa and Cybex Mios 3.
Really like both, I live in a city and don’t have a car, I use public transportation a lot, so I don’t want something heavier than those.

Also the elevator for my building is a bit small.
It’s my first baby so I'm absolutely clueless.

What are pros and cons of each?

Also open for anything similar,
Thank you!

Eli • 09 Dec 2023

Hey, Natalie,

From your choices, mine would be the Mios. It is much, much more compact after folding, and it is so eas to fold. I used it with my third in a city, and was truly happy about the size and weight, as well as simple but super stunning design and maneuvering. It won't be great on snow or truly horrible terrain, but other than that, we went over everything and loved the center of gravity.

The Electa's pro is definitely the carrycot which is bigger and super comfy, and one of the best out there. However, the Mios has an OK carrycot and you will only use the carrycot for about 6 months, so the seat is more important for me. The Electa is also a little larger, and the suspension is harder. It is a nice, pretty pram but I find the Mios more practical.

Definitely would go for the Mios in the situation you're describing, I don't think there is a better model for it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.