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Inglesina Electa: A compact enough from-birth stroller. Electa, Cybex Melio, Babyzen Yoyo?

Ana • 11 Jan 2023

Hi Eli,

We want a lightweight stroller and we are making a decision between the Inglesina Electa and the Cybex Melio. Personally, I like better the look of the Melio and I feel is more compact than the Electa, because the Electa has a huge carrycot and also when folded it is light but does not look so small. So I want to know your opinion on which one would be a better choice for a baby from newborn to toddler (because we really don’t want to buy another stroller when he is older), taking into account that we want it to be as practical as we can, not carrying a huge stroller all the time but also good for our baby. We live in the city so mainly it would be used in flat surfaces and the street.

We also consider the Babyzen Yoyo because it was recommended if you travel and is really compact, but I saw some of your answers and reviews and it does not feel like a confortable one for a baby.
Those three are on our budget, so any of those would be ok for us.

Thank you in advance. Ana.

Eli • 11 Jan 2023

Hi, Ana,

You are right, the Yoyo, I would never recommend as an only stroller from birth (too rattly and small) nor as a longevity option (too short, and too slanted a bcakrest). From the other two options, I see there are pluses and minuses in both - the Electa is MUCH more comfortable for a small baby. The carrycot, yes, large, is a huge advantage and is very comfortable and will last you well. Also, it can be used as a cot at home, with a stand. and the seat is larger than the Melio's, however it is a bit large overall, with a canopy that could be sturdier.

The Melio is very small, which is great, I personally love small prams. However, it is on the loose side, and the seat is not that spacious. It will last you MUCH shorter, to be honest. I personally solved a similar problem by getting a Cybex Mios, which, even if similar, is MUCH better made, sturdier, with more suspension, and much better, roomier seat. I can understand if the budget is not ok with that option, of course.

In the end, I personally would prioritize comfort of the baby, to be honest. It will kind of suffer with daily use of the Yoyo, it is not good for his or her health, long-term, long daily use-wise. The Melio is just fine in that way, and if comúactness is your main priority, then the Melio is the winner. COmfort of pushing and space-wise, the Electa is the better option here. So weight the compactness advantage and the comfort one, and you yourself prioritize, what your family needs a bit more. That is your best bet then ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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