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How to pair a Kinderkraft Prime and Cybex Cloud Z car seat properly?

Aimee • 27 Sep 2023

I have a Kinderkraft Prime and a Cybex Cloud Z car seat. The car seat can fit onto the Prime with the car seat adapters that the pram came with, however, the car seat is then at a weird angle and cannot recline.

I saw that you replied to someone else saying that the Cybex cloud should fit onto the Prime with a maxi cosi adapter, but I can’t find anything on Cybex or Kinderkrafts website. Could you include a pic of what adapter I would need to purchase for the Cybex cloud to work on the prime, please.

Eli • 28 Sep 2023

Hey, Aimee,

There aren't that many adaptors for the Prime. If you have those with a U-shaped endings on one side, that are the Maxi-Cosi/Cybex adapters, and if the car seat clicks on those, well, those are the only ones the Prime has for the MC/Cybex car seats.

The Cloud Z is a bit of a specific – and a bit larger, heavier car seat, which can cause trouble on some models. It should fit, and it seems it does for you, but not perfectly. Did you try pushing it in a bit more, doing this slight rocking pushing movement on both sides for the car seat to click on better? If yes, and it just doesn't work, unfortunately there's not much you can do as there are no more adapters that would work with Cybex for this stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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