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Hauck Uptown: Would these wheels be ok on grass?

Del202 • 21 Aug 2023


I have a Bugaboo Butterfly and I didn’t think about the winter when I’m accompanying my eldest son to football games and there is a lot of muddy fields!

I’m looking for a cheaper buggy just for these trips.
Would these wheels be ok on grass?

Thanks 😊

Eli • 21 Aug 2023

Hey, Del,

Well, yes and no. For undemanding purposes, occasional grass will be survivable But the suspension is not too present and the stroller is a bit on the cheaper side, so anything harsher will be quite felt. But if you just need it to "survive" the grass, I think it should be kind of ok.

A slightly better option, however, might be the Kinderkraft Grande.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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