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Easywalker Miley²: A light, compact everyday stroller for rocky, bumpy roads in Italy - will the Miley be ok?

Zhazira • 25 Mar 2024

My baby is 7 months now. We have been using Inglesjna Trilogy up until now, it is bulky and quite heavy for me. We live in Italy so there are a lot is stairs and often I have to carry the whole thing with the bag inside. We do not own a car, so we either walk or take a bus.

I want to fully use Easywalker Miley Two because it is light, good for airplane cabins, and just looks amazing 🤩. But is it going to be okay for the baby for everyday usage and considering that the roads are very rocky and wobbly in a lot of places in Italy 😅? I want to get rid of the Inglesina trio.

My baby girl is very tall for her age, so I am guessing she will continue to be tall. Thanks!!

Eli • 25 Mar 2024

Hey, Zhazira,

I'm going to disappoint you I guess, but I think it's not the best idea. Especiallly with the rockier, uneven roads, the tiny wheels and the super small frame will be rattly and not so comfy. Apart from that, picking one of these smallest possible models will mean MUCH LESS space in the seat, so in a year the stroller might simply feel way too small.

I understand your needs, but jumping from a full sie system to the smallest possible option is a bit too big of a leap, given the everyday use and a taller baby. I think for the lightness and compactness, you will like the Miley2, bu for the smaller, slanted seat and the tiny wheels, you may also hate it in a way. My suggestion would be to go for something in between - a light, flat-folding mid-size option with a forward.facing seat. Check the Oytser Zero (Gravity), the Joie Litetrax, the Baby Jogger City Mini2, the Valco Snap (maybe even with the inflatable Sport wheels)... these would be the everyday strollers I would go for after a stroller system. Believe me, once your bab will be about 1.5yo, you'll be so glad there's the seat space.

From the smallest models (if that is a must for you), look at the Cybex Eezy S+2 which has, at least, a tad larger wheels and seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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