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Cybex Priam vs. Hartan GTX vs. ABC Design Avus, which to choose (compatible with the Cybex i-Cloud car seat and also ok for terrain)?

Saranya • 20 Jun 2024

Hi team. We have shortlisted 3 strollers and we are confused to get which one.

1. Cybex Platinum frame Priam 4 Rose Gold
2. Hartan stroller Vip GTX Casual Collection green nature
3. ABC DESIGN Buggy Avus Air Olive Collection 2024

We have already purchased Cybex I Cloud size car seat and our baby is 6 months old.

We are living in Olching, Munich. We need your input to choose the right one and we need stroller that is adopted for all terrain also.

Requesting your thoughts to choose the right one. Awaiting for your response.

Thanks and regards,

Eli • 21 Jun 2024

Hey, there,

From your info (but I still am not sure I know enough, as you only say it should also be for terrain and the Cybex car seat, but not much else about features, compactness, etc.), I would probably say that the Hartan will be a sturdier, more all-terrain model, but Cybex is the one that's more versatile, less bulky. So if terrain and sturdiness are the only things, that's what you should go for, but if you also need some compactness, I would take the Priam.

Not totally sure about the pick of the Avus as that is not a system, just a forward-facing pushchair that's better for a toddler from my perspective, and is in general very different, type-wise, to the two other models you picked, so I would probably suggest not going for that one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.