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Cybex Eezy S-Twist+²: Which compact stroller with a reversible seat would you recommend (if there is any) that would be cabin approved?

NB • 20 Jan 2024

Being reversible is great, as my baby girl is only 7mths and I don't feel comfortable not seeing her yet (not sure if she is either). The stroller would be use as a second option (travel purpose), however it's not compact enough to carry it in the plane. I am, also, looking for something that will last me longer as I am thinking to swap it once she is a bit older.

Which compact stroller with the same features would you recommend (if there is any) that I would be cabin approved?

Eli • 20 Jan 2024

Hey, NB,

I would recommend none, honestly. This same model without the + is a bit smaller, and may fit some airlines, but space and practicality-wise, this is as far as it can go. That compact fold fitting cabin size simply doesn't allow for more comfort, space in the seat, or else. So I would say, if smallest possible but reversible is your go-to, this one or the non-plus version would be what I could recommend, there are not many other ones that really work like that, and none that would be better.

The Bugaboo Ant tried that, and people were so unhappy with it they stopped making it. The Recaro Lexa Elite is very similar to the Eezy S-Twist line but is not better...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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