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Chicco Bravo vs. Joie Litetrax

Meghna • 15 Mar 2024

Can you let me know your opinion on Chicco Bravo travel system vs Joie Litetrax.

I will use the pram much more often (at least once a week) for malls, roads, gardens, and even beaches. I also like travelling so would like to carry my pram wherever I travel so in those days I plan to use it everyday.

Eli • 15 Mar 2024

Heya, Meghna,

From my perspective, the Litetrax is a bit better option. I mean, both are just fine, though I found the wheels on the Bravo a bit too "hard", not as much suspension. The Bravo also feels bulkier for the trunk, though its large basket is a bit plus of course. But the Litetrax is a tad flatter / more compact, and the stroller is rather practical. Would maybe be worth checking the Litetrax Air option for a bit comfier ride.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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