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Chicco Alysia: How comfortable is the car seat, how easy the fold, how light is it, and does it tackle all-terrain?

Nino • 25 Nov 2023


Several questions:

Can you provide more details about Chicco Alysia car seat - does it need and come with the base for 360 movement? Is it good quality and comfortable for baby's back?

Also how easy it is to fold the stroller (with or without bassinet) and how heavy is it to carry after?

Is it good for all terrains?

Thank you

Eli • 25 Nov 2023

Hey, Nino,

The Alysia car seat is, from my point of view, a simpler one, nothing really special. It doesn't need a base and doesn't offer any 360 rotating one. Their non-inclinable car seats are NOT the healthiest choice for babies and are recommended to use for about 30 minutes of time, then a need for a break so that baby's back is not strained (babies should be in a lie-flat position until they sit up by themselves, without help).

The stroller is over 11 kg which is not light but not crazy heavy, an ok middle ground, but not super easy to carry all the time. It is not too hard to fold (a few tries at home and then it will be easy enough for you), and you can fold it with the seat on, but not with the bassinet.

This is not an all-terrain stroller, in my opinion, the suspension is just not there for all-terrain use. I would recommend this for undemanding urban parents myself.

One more thing - personally, I found the seat very impractical - small, limited in space for toddlers.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.