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Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Inglesina Electa - which is comfier for a newborn?

Ilia24 • 23 Apr 2024


Which stroller do you recommend for newborn (with the carrycot) between Bugaboo Dragonfly and Inglesina Electra? The budget is not a problem. My priority is the flexibility of the stroller and how comfortable it is for a newborn.

Eli • 24 Apr 2024

Hey, Ilia,

If we're really talking about newborn comfort, the Electa is much more comfortable, because the carrycot is simply luxurious, ergonomic, and MUCH more spacious. It may not be the most all-terrain model (but none of the two is), but especially for smaller babies, it's definitely a very comfortable optionl

Your -very berry- Eli.

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