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Bugaboo Dragonfly: Dragonfly vs. Bugaboo Lynx (used) bs. Uppababy Cruz V2?

AT • 27 Dec 2023

Hello! Could you help me compare between the Bugaboo Dragonfly, Bugaboo Lynx (used), and [[uppababy-cruz-v2|Uppababy Cruz V2? First child & we live in a city and mostly walk on city streets and in a big park nearby. Dragonfly feels so nice to push and seems like a great one size fits all. Want something lightweight and not massive, yet sturdy. Thank you!

Eli • 27 Dec 2023

Heya, AT,

Well you have picked quality brands but very different strollers, I would start with the Uppababy Cruz V2, which is nice and nimble, rather urban, but very long after folding. Overall the sturdiest choice from what you picked, however I personally would mind the folded length a little, so make sure to check your car against it. One more con, the stroller is sturdy but the suspension is weaker, so it's not so soft.

About the Lynx, it's a bit of a simpler version of the Fox, which is, in my opinion, the best Bugaboo model (for one child). It is also not the smallest after folding - the length is an issue in here, too, as the seat does not fold in half, but the maneuvering and overall sturdiness is a very nice balance, and the ride is not hard. I personally would be inclined to go for the Lynx, or better yet, Fox, if I needed nimble and light but also sturdy.

The Dragonfly is superbly light and the most compact of the three, however, it is also the least sturdy one. That weight with the thinner wheels and overall build simply feels a little too urban for me, which is great for smooth sidewalks and shops, but a bit limited for bumpier roads. Also, the seat space is a tad limited.

So if compactness is the highest priority, and you'll truly only walk in the park, maybe the Dragonfly is the best for you. But with sturdiness in mind, I personally would probably think (or try out IRL, to compare) the Lynx or Fox as well to know the difference, and decide based on that.

One more tip to check. the Cybex Mios is smaller than any of the mentioned models, has small wheels (ok for the city) but nice suspension, and the space vs. compactness is a nice ratio. I think it's the rival, perhaps better than, the Dragonfly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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