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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double: Does this fit through most UK standard doors?

Joanna • 16 Jun 2023

Hello! The website says the width is 77.5 and I understand UK doors are less than 77cm wide. Does this fit through most UK standard doors?

Eli • 17 Jun 2023

Hey, Joanna,

Strollberry is an international site, and the most common door size (width) we've got used to comparing the strollers to was about 32 inches (80 cm), which this stroller works with ok.

UK, or the part of it where you live, can have it differently, and when choosing the stroller, you have to count that in. I found this table, where the red highlights are the most common UK door sizes:

If from your experience, the dorways you normally go through are 76.2 cm wide (30"), then the stroller won't fit unless left in front of the door, the kids being taken out, and then folded. There's always a way, but it can be not as comfy, so you may want to look at a different double stroller if those narrower doorways are the case where you live. E.g. the Valco Snap Duo is 75 cm wide, or the Baby Monsters Easy Twin is about 65 cm wide - however, count on the fact that the narrower the stroller, the narrower (less roomy, more cramped) the seats are. It's always a compromise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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