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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2: Can I use this stroller as a travel stroller?

Fran • 23 Mar 2023

Hi Eli,
I’m wondering what you think about using this stroller as a travel stroller? I have a Bugaboo Fox as my main every day stroller, in the past I have owned a City Mini GT and absolutely loved it (apart from the lack of adjustable footrest which I see the GT2 does have)... I’m basically wondering is City Mini too big of a stroller to consider using as a travel stroller (for holidays, flying, keeping in the car)?

Thank you for your opinion!

Eli • 24 Mar 2023

Hey Fran,

I think the CMGT2 is a very cool stroller, and especially it's true if you liked the first gen! It is nimble and can take a lot. I do believe you can use it as a sort of travel stroller for sure - the quick and very flat fold is probably the best thing for that. I must say out loud, though, that the stroller is a tad wider (as it is a three-wheeler) AND will not fit the cabin luggage requirements (if plane-traveling) = meaning you will need to check it out or give it to the stewards when boarding (as baby luggage). If that is ok with you and your trunk isn't completely tiny, I think you'll be better off with this stroller than with some small, looser travel buggy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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