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AThe best double stroller that is light, works on terrain, and for a 15mo plus a newborn baby

Isabel • 15 Jan 2023

Hi Eli !

I have a 15-month-old and a new born, I don’t know which type of stroller to buy. I use the train a lot and the bus, so I want something very lightweight. I don’t know if the tandem or side-to-side stroller which is better for me.

Eli • 15 Jan 2023

Hi, Isabel,

I will first include a link to THIS article about double strollers, which I recommend reading. Then, I will tell you I personally would definitely go for a side-by-side, as, even if wider, the maneuverability will be SO MUCH better, especially with a heavier = older sibling, you will have to "fight" a tandem if not really using it on manicured sidewalks. If you go over terrain a lot, definitely go for at least a bit larger wheels - my best suggestion would be the Baby Jogger City Mini Double2 which can go over most stuff, and have plenty of space for your older kid, too. A Valco Snap Duo, with perhaps the optional inflatable SPORT wheels, could worktoo, as it is rather light, however it does not have suspension.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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